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Hello and welcome to stacksma.sh's QR Creator Tool. This is our corporate tools business site!
Below, you can do free QR code conversions! Enjoy!
Please note: This QR code platform is all operated client-side, so this means that i dont see the horrific things you monsters are inputting to the QR code generator.)

generate some kodez:

TypeNumber: ErrorCorrectionLevel: Mode: Multibyte:

Here's some examples you can try:
Type of code Text to paste into box above
WIFI: Hidden SSID w/WPA2+Pass WIFI:S:STACKSMASH HQ-Guests;T:WPA;P:Please no hack my wifi password!;H:true;
WIFI:Visible SSID w/WPA2+Pass WIFI:S:STACKSMASH HQ-Prod;T:WPA;P:sup3rS3cur3!2019;;
WIFI:Visible SSID w/Open Network WIFI:S:attwifi;T:nopass;P:;;
SMS:Send Message w/Pre-populated Text smsto:+1-424-242-2546:LOL SENT VIA QR CODE ON STACKSMA.SH/QR
EMAIL: Send Email w/Address + Pre-Populated Text mailto:qrkodez@bdsmsecurity.com?subject=Inbound message from stacksma.sh QR code tester&body=w00000 Im sending this email and I didnt even have to type anything, I just hit send! The spec even allows newlines and a bunch more!

Play with QR codes at stacksma.sh/qr
Appendix/List of all standard QR codes and their specs https://github.com/zxing/zxing/wiki/Barcode-Contents
Many more examples and click-to-populate coming... eventually haha. :P ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I am running code developed entirely by github.com/kazuhikoarase - go check it out!